Welcome to the world of AIREX® Professional exercise line.

AIREX DIRECT is a service of AIREX's South African distributor, SwimEEZY SA, and for the first time offers AIREX quality at affordable prices.

Alcan Airex is the world's leading manufacturer of unique gymnastic mats, buoyancy and balance products. As an expert on speciality foams, Alcan Airex AG sets worldwide standards of performance and places quality as the number 1 priority.

Once you have experienced the advantages of an original AIREX® product, you will never want to use anything else.


The secrect of AIREX ® quality is a combination of benefits. Speciality closed-cell foam enables AIREX ® mats to retain good cushioning characteristics. The air-filled cells act as cushions to prevent "bottoming out" even under rigorous conditions. AIREX ® mats insulate the body from cold surfaces and reflect body heat, helping to maintain body temperature. AIREX ® mats lie flat, are hard-wearing and easy to clean.

Constant dialogue and exchanges of ideas with physical therapists, top performance athletes, sport scientists and teachers help to ensure AIREX ® mats, balance and hydro products meet the user's needs exactly.



Consistently high product quality is ensured by constant control of the production process, monitoring and testing of all incoming raw materials, the use of leading edge test equipment and the willingness to surpass the specified standards at all stages of production by employees who are trained according to strict quality guidelines. Alcan Airex AG is ISO 9001:2000 certified .


Innovation is an important goal of research and development. A team of scientists and engineers is constantly improving the existing range of products and developing new ones. The company will continue to improve and expand its range of products and services based on systematic analysis of international market requirements. New knowledge which is learned at symposiums, congresses and seminars is continuously integrated into the development of new products. We will continue our commitment to invest in research and in state-of-the-art technology.

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